Transitionen von der Erstausbildung ins Erwerbsleben


SAGW-Tagung «Übergänge von der Sekundär- zur Tertiärstufe» vom 23. Mai 2019 in Fribourg

TREE war an der Tagung mit einem Input-Referat zur Frage vertreten, welches der Beitrag der beruflichen Grundbildung zur Anzahl aller Bildungsabschlüsse auf Tertiärstufe ist, die auf dem Arbeitsmarkt stark nachgefragt werden.

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Save the Date: 31.10.2019!

Public Colloquium

  • What: Public colloquium on recent research results based on TREE data analyses
  • Where: University of Bern/Switzerland
  • When: 31 October 2019, afternoon

Detailed programme will follow in due time

29. und 30.9.2017

3rd International TREE Conference

In cooperation with the University of Bern, TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment) held its 3rd International Conference. The conference was conceived as a platform for scientific exchange among researchers working with longitudinal data in the fields of youth and young adulthood, school-to-work and other relevant biographical transitions as well as life course research in general.

Recently Published

2nd volume of TREE anthology

The contributions of this volume carry on the investigation of the critical transitions during youth and young adulthood, drawing on sociological, economic, psychological and pedagogical research questions and thus highlighting the analytic and pluri-disciplinary research potential of the TREE data.