Transitions from Education to Employment


4th International TREE Conference:
Life Course in the Making

11/12 November 2021 in Bern/Switzerland

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary and the first release of data of its 2nd cohort, the Swiss TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment) multi-cohort survey and the University of Bern co-organised the 4th International Conference on Transitions in Youth and Adulthood. The conference’s focus was on the multi-dimensionality, the intersectionality and the societal embeddedness of various life course stages and transitions.

Welcome address of TREE respondents Alfredo Ruppert and Emilie Zitzmann

On the occasion of TREE's 20th birthday, a participant of each of the two TREE cohorts, TREE1 and TREE2, agreed to address a few welcoming words to the conference's participants.

Watch video of Alfredo Ruppert's welcome address (TREE1)

Watch video of Emilie Zitzmann's welcome address (TREE2)


Prof em. Dr Karl-Ulrich Mayer

What quantitative life-course research can tell us about the puzzle of flexibilization: the case of working lives in (West) Germany

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Prof Dr Kaspar Burger

Analyzing micro-level processes and macro-level structures that shape educational trajectories

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Prof Dr Irene Kriesi, Dr Thomas Meyer

Two decades of longitudinal research with TREE: lessons (yet to be) learnt

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