Transitions from Education to Employment


The new TREE data release 2016 is available. As compared to the last release from 2013, the 2016 release includes the following new features:

  • A complete, fully documented dataset of the most recent panel wave T9, carried out in 2014; the TREE data now cover an observation span of 14 years (2000-2014).
  • A file with all episodes of gainful employment of all TREE respondents covering the period 2003 to 2014 (single episode as observation unit); this opens exciting new research opportunities, as job episodes, collected at the accuracy level of one month, can be both analysed in their own right and linked to the respondent level.

The data can be obtained free of charge at FORS Center in Lausanne (see quicklink below). If you encounter problems during the online data retrieval process, do not hesitate to get in touch with us ( or ++41-(0)31-631 30 44/45).