3rd International Conference on Transitions
in Youth, Young Adulthood and Beyond

29/30 September 2017
University of Bern, Switzerland
TREE Panel Survey (Transitions from Education to Employment)

In cooperation with the University of Bern, TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment) held its 3rd International Conference on 29/30 Sept. 2017. The conference was conceived as a platform for scientific exchange among researchers working with longitudinal data in the fields of youth and young adulthood, school-to-work and other relevant biographical transitions as well as life course research in general. Topical fields included

  • school-to-work transitions;
  • further transitional dimensions such as leaving the parental home and family formation, health issues, values and attitudes, well-being and satisfaction;
  • cross-domain effects between the school-to-work dimension and other dimensions of transition;
  • comparative research
  • impact of cognitive skills on the life course

The conference attracted close to 90 participants from all over the world. It comprised around 50 scientific contributions, covering a wide range of disciplines and based on over 20 different, mostly longitudinal datasets from more a dozen countries around the world. Keynote speeches were held by Prof Christian Imdorf (University of Basel) and Prof Ingrid Schoon (Institute of Education at University College London). For details, see downloadable resources below.


The conference was co-funded by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Swiss Society of Sociology.